One hundred and forty-first issue of this bi-weekly motorcycle sport magazine, tackling the latest races and issues in MotoGP, MXGP, AMA Motocross/Supercross and World Superbike as well as general motorcycling and accessories with the best blogs and photographs. In OTOR 141: Floating on the Five; you didn’t need to even be on Japanese time to feel the reverberations from Marc Marquez’s third MotoGP title in four years. Blogs & Pics inside.

High Fly-er; continuing our theme of catching up with former racers making a new mark in the industry we cornered Fly’s Jason Thomas to talk next steps. The First Lady; Livia Lancelot reversed a heart-breaking 2015 to rule WMX this year and amplified one of the more engaging narratives in Grand Prix. Where now for 114? The Right Shoes; in just four years Fox’s Instinct off-road boot has made a sizeable splash in the market. OTOR went to Irvine to ask the design team the how’s and why’s

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