More than thirty thousand people applauded the victory of Marvin Musquin (KTM Red Bull) the third edition of the Paris-Lille Supercross. With this victory, Musquin is the fourth Frenchman to win Europe's most important exhibition SX. Before him the winners were: Jean-Michel Bayle, David Vullemin hits me by and Christophe Pourcel. Winner of the Saturday night, the official KTM also won easily on Sunday ahead of Justin Barcia (Suzuki JGR) and Christian Craig (Honda Gecko). The fourth place is Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras (JPM Racing Suzuki) While Malcolm Steward (Honda Gecko) is fifth. Also the official Yamaha Romain Febvre that right in the Paris-Lille Supercross competed in his last race of the season. It didn't go very well for sample MXGP 2015. The track, He didn't of course made easier, and a couple of dropped calls too, they compromise the end result.


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