With the month of September has entered the final stage virtually all national motocross Championships run by FXAction: Sunday 3 September closed the Italian Quad and Sidercarcross, and the September 11 ended the games also ' Italian Senior. As for the Championship tricolor MX1/MX2, the ultimate test will be the 9 October and the penultimate Yes will race Sunday 18 September International track Ponte a Egola near Pisa. The track, long 1.600 meters and the hard bottom, was often the scene of international competitions and also hosted two World Championship trials: the first in 1987 (World 500cc) and the second in 1992 (125cc World Championship). The management of the track is edited by Mc Pellicorse, founded in 1976, the track was built in 1977. Continues the struggle between David Philippaerts (DP19 Team – Yamaha) and Alessandro Lupino (Honda RedMoto) for the title of MX1. The points that separate them are only 58 and barring unforeseen events, will battle until the end of the Championship. Nicola Recchia (Mind Racing – Kawasaki) follows the duo in third position, but the posting for him is overwhelming (less 690 points from the first) and pays the fall in Cavallara. Fourth is Pantoja (Italian Style KTM) that the only ultimate goal a chance to take the third place. Tight fight in OVER 21 with the first five enclosed in 190 points. Boss David Bahrami (Mc Castellarano-Husqvarna) before Simon T (SS Racing Team – Honda) – Lorenzo Pedri (Mc Arc – Kawasaki) -Danilo Musso (Mc Berbeno-KTM) and Rocco Fernandez (Mc Mantovano T. Nuvolari – Suzuki). In UNDER 21 Luca Poggi (Mmx Maggiora Motocross – KTM) He commands the ranking with 4 points ahead of Brian Mackinnon (Team Solaris – Husqvarna and first in 300 2T) and 5 on Jimmy Dale (Pardi Racing – Honda). The title UNDER 21 can also aspire Leobruno Di Biase (Mc Warriors – Husqvarna), Alfredo Maher (Mc Carter – KTM) and Gianfranco Magoo (Team Rs 77 – Honda) that are less than 100 points from the top. The MX2 title could be assigned already Sunday night because Michele Castaneda (Honda Martin Technology) has an advantage over Simone Zecchina (C.D. P. Cortenuova-Yamaha) by 770 points. Up to Castaneda simply maintain a gap of 545 points to take the title deservedly MX2 2016. Simone Furlotti (SM Action Team – Yamaha) will try to attack the second place but will also have to watch their backs by Giuseppe Tangesther (JTech TeamHonda) that follows it only seven points. Closes the TOP FIVE David Baldwin (SDM Team – Husqvarna) It also has the chance to fight for the podium. OVER 21 commanded by David Chan (Mc Lumezzane – Yamaha) that should handle simply 275 points on Francesco Ciola (Team Hobby Motor – Suzuki) and 325 about Alessandro Brugnoni (Mc Tuscia Racing – KTM). As for the UNDER 21, Alberto Forato (Junior Team Assomotor Team – Honda) cannot attend in Ponte a Egola because he is still recovering for the right shoulder injury that occurred during the European Championship held on the sandy path of Lommel. What is certain is that Michael Maas (Team Apex Moto – KTM), Runner up, will have to do everything well if he wants to retrieve the 303 points that separate it from Drilled.

As each appointment of Italian MX1/MX2, television programming includes live coverage of the races starting at 14:00 Sundays, on channel 810 SKY streamed out of www.sportelevision.it. MX1 and MX2 replica plus Superchampion, also on SPORTITALIA, channel 225 of SKY and 60 on digital terrestrial television.

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