Lengthens the list of GP that teams will face in the season 2017. You pass by 18 to 20 most obviously the Motocross of Nations. As is now happening in 2013, It starts with the “at night” of Qatar to then go to the first “new entry”: the Indonesia. After this first double transfer we will move on the other side of the globe to the GP of Argentina but, Unlike the other years, you will go straight to Leon in Mexico, but you will be back in Europe before returning to South America fifteen days after. Maggiora, After the exciting Motocross of Nations this year, the 16 April, Easter Day, will be tasked to open the European GP series. Fit into the calendar and return Russia rinks as Agueda (Portugal) and Uddevalla (Sweden). Three races in Italy. Besides Maggiora is expected the GP del Trentino on the Bow (25 June) and San Marino (9 July). To underline, After three years, the World Cup will close in Europe on the French track of Villars sous Ecot. Permanent closure of the season on 1 St October, with the Motocross of Nations who returns to England after the edition of 2008 held at Donington Park and back on the track at Matterley Basin where the countries have already raced in 2006.

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