For the Honda RedMoto It was a weekend "HIGH EXPECTATION". Alessandro Lupino, After the title 2015, It is reconfirmed ITALIAN CHAMPION proving to be one of the fastest riders in its class. As a matter of fact, Saturday, there was some tension because the gap between Lupin and Philippaerts, the only one that could thwart the pilot of GOLDEN FLAMES, It was really tight: only 58 points. However, already from the evening this tension has begun to fade and certainly the PARTY the Team has organized at the end of the season 2016 but also to celebrate the newlyweds, has the situation may. This weekend, Alessandro Lupino and Todd Carlson led to altar their companions. Francesca for Alessandro and Simona to Daniele and this has certainly helped to relax the whole environment. Needless to say, all the PADDOCK acceded and those present were very many, at least 250 people. Great Team effort RedMoto that Honda has set up under its Italian buffet Ospitality worthy of the best PUB. As regards the conduct of two races, things to emphasize that since the evidence of Saturday the challenge between Alexander and glowing with David Philippaerts has proved that she was a POLE but with Alexander just behind. At the start of race one Lupine immediately takes the lead while Philippaerts is sixth on the first pass. Alexander remains in the lead for thirteen laps but, at that time, the pace of his opponent's superior. With three laps to go, Philippaerts pass Alexander and in one shot gets well 40 points. You go then to the start of race two with few calculations. It is imperative WIN. Alexander part first and his opponent is only ninth. While Lupin makes his race, Philippaerts begins a furious comeback but after 15 RPM doesn't change anything. Alexander and Honda RedMoto are SAMPLES. Demonstrating his fitness, Lupin makes his race of SUPERCHAMPION and it shows that is competitive and that without some small problems suffered this year, even his path in the world could be different MXGP. The season 2016 is over but there's no time to relax. The Team soon will receive the new Honda CRF450 version 2017 and will begin testing for the upcoming season. Lupine, After a short "HONEYMOON", will begin their training to be in perfect shape and you can conquer the world in those positions that are within his reach.

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