OTOR n. 137

Number 137 of the bi-weekly sports bike magazine OTOR, with news on the latest MotoGP races and issues, MXGP, LOVES TO ....

Test for Febvre

World champion 2015 the MXGP, Romain Febvre took advantage of the two-week break in the calendar and before the next Grand Prix..

Season over for Pauls Jonass

The nasty concussion made up from Pauls Jonass in the first heat in Loket has put an end to the 2016 vice world champion of ....

Anstie and the Nations

Winner of the past two Grands Prix in MX2, Max Anstie is ready to represent Great Britain at the Motocross of Nations, and delete ....

Gajser because?

The world champions of the last two years - Tony Cairoli and Romain Febvre - last weekend have commented on the growth and ....